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"Guarded Nurturer with a Powerful, Authentic presence."

I'm Danielle: Nap Queen, Chocolate Chip Cookie Lover, Body Activist, and Actor. 

Atlanta has been home since 2019.  Currently, I am starring in A Date With Death with Murder, Mystery and Mayhem at Petite Violette, of which I am a company member. I am also a main character in Badlands Cola, a cinematic mystery/horror audio drama. Additionally, I'm stretching my sketch comedy muscles as an actor and writer for In Person Live. If you're looking for a kooky teacher, young mom, secret villain, grumpy millennial, small-town cop, or anyone friendly and tenacious, I'm your gal. 

I am big on body diversity in the media. Kids and teens should be able to turn on the TV and see themselves.  So, I put myself out there in the hopes that it helps others feel seen. 

Contact me if you'd like to collaborate on stage, screen, or in the studio, or if you'd like to chat about my sixteen plants and excellent lo mein recipe!

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